Like yours, Greg’s life has been filled with challenges, setbacks, loneliness, and pain. Including the loss of his youngest son Connor in 2014. Greg has become an expert in daily survival over the last 40 years dealing with severe depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

In spite of his long battle, Greg has become an international award-winning author, sought-after speaker, and America's Stress Eliminating Coach. Greg has overcome his depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem and found a passion for helping others (especially teens) deal with these terrifying, lonely, and misunderstood challenges.

As a Certified Life Coach, Greg’s view is radically different! Unlike many mental health professionals, His expertise comes from his personal daily struggles for over four decades.

Because Greg has been there, lived it, and beat it! He connects with teens in minutes, in a way that a therapist never could in months. Greg is on a mission to eliminate the reasons teens think of ending their lives.

America's Stress Eliminating Coach

"Thank you so much for reopening my mind and heart to what's truly important. I can finally start figuring out how to plan the years ahead of me. Thanks, you're the best!" SE

"Before working with Greg, I was frustrated because I felt stuck and didn't have a purpose for my life. I was skeptical about having a life coach. Greg told me to just try one session. He said the information from that one session would change my life. He was right! Greg seemed to always ask the right question and at the right time. After taking the entire coaching course, I now have goals, dreams, and a passion for life." - CB

"Greg, you helped me to talk about a subject that my whole life I've been terrified to talk about let alone think about. I cried the entire drive home, not because I was sad but because I had never felt more focused in my entire life then when we were talking. Thank you so much, you are so careful and perfect with your words. Thank you so much for everything you've done, and for reopening my mind and heart to what's truly important. I can finally start figuring out how to plan the years ahead of me. Thanks, you're the best!" - SE


"Greg connected with myself and

the audience at an emotional level that made each of us want to change." VG

"Greg is a very passionate and persuasive speaker, and story teller. My life was inspired by his message. His ability to move an audience is remarkable." - LT

"My heart agreed with what you were saying. I actually came to a couple of meaningful realizations about myself during your presentation, which has never happened before during a presentation like this. Wow! Amazing! - JO

"Powerful and very touching. I saw a lot of myself in you. Your approach and delivery spoke clearly to me." KM


"I highly recommend this book as

a vital addition to anyone's library." BR

"Having recently ended a long-term relationship, I have felt depressed, scared of the future and completely shattered. This book is an excellent guide, giving you "keys" to help battle these feelings. I love how inspiring quotes by giants such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Mark Twain are scattered throughout the book. Furthermore, the examples of how "famous" people who have dealt with similar issues are inspiring; it reminds us we are all human and susceptible to mental health problems. Lastly, it is refreshing to read from the viewpoint of someone who has "been there and done that." - AJR

"Most excellent book. It has been great help to me to better understand depression and how to help those who suffer from it. It has been a source of encouragement to the person I gave the second copy to. He has been coping with his depression much better now and we are able to finally discuss it together after may years. I recommend this book and Greg Thredgold to anyone who lacks hope or has depression." - SF


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