Right now your fears of failure and loss are creating

emotional suffering, stress and negative noise in your head.

How many things on the list below are you experiencing?

Are you feeling
Burned Out
Stuck in a Rut
No Passion
Walked On
No Purpose

If you said YES to any of these you would benefit from coaching.

If your relationships at home or work could use improvement - you would really benefit from our amazing coaching process. It has saved many marriages and jobs.


You can take the Clarity Assessment (for free) RIGHT NOW - and it will show how much fear is affecting your thinking on the subconscious level. Click the button now.


Then I will contact you for a 20 minute session (for free) to go over your assessment.

Our clients say coaching gives them:  


Emotional and mental strength,

Wisdom and Clarity (they see life more accurately and respond appropriately)

Better Relationship Skills

Less Drama  -  More peace  -  More fun

Better Self-esteem and more confidence

Resiliency - the ability to handle challenges and difficulties.

Better time management skills

Less fear, worry and stress

They are happier and can handle situations with courage and confidence.

Life Coaching - What People Are Saying!


Finding myself going through an unwanted divorce from an 18 year marriage, I was now having to deal with not only losing my wife, but with the question of what was my future with my kids going to be like. As I witnessed my kids life being torn apart, it seemed like things could not get any worse. Then the financial devastation hit me in a way I had no idea of how to handle.  Having Greg as a Coach was awesome, he took the time I needed to work through each emotion I was experiencing. He went at my pace and if we needed to revisit different problems from time to time we could. Greg was 100% concerned with me, and the problems I was facing. Greg did not fix my problems, but he taught me how to deal with and fix my own problems. These tools will benefit me forever and I will always be thankful for the help Greg has been to me.  -  JH


Greg, you helped me to talk about a subject that my whole life I've been terrified to talk about let alone think about. I cried the entire drive home, not because I was sad but because I had never felt more focused in my entire life then when we were talking. Thank you so much, you are so careful and perfect with your words. Thank you so much for everything you've done, and for reopening my mind and heart to what's truly important. I can finally start figuring out how to plan the years ahead of me. Thanks, you're the best!  -  SE

How is coaching different from counseling?  


Coaching does not address issues like addiction, mental illness or other serious conditions. For issues like these, we highly recommend counseling with a licensed therapist.  See disclaimer below.


I am trained and certified though - trained to facilitate the amazing, time-tested, proven, Claritypoint Coaching process which focuses on learning life and relationship skills and learning to think and see yourself in a healthy, positive way.


I also help clients with time management and communication skills.  I give you the tools you need to escape fear and create the life you really want.


Clients leave coaching with a literal tool box - filled with everything they need to handle life and thrive!


I offer individual, couples, and group coaching options.