"He's Not The Doctor - He's The Patient"

"Greg connected with myself and

the audience at an emotional level that made each of us want to change." VG

Keynotes, Seminars & Workshops

Behind The Big Green Locked Doors

The four amazing life changing lessons

I learned as a patient in a mental hospital

You Can't Make Footprints In

The Sand If Your Sitting On Your Butt

Three critical steps for turning your

subconscious fears into a passion for living  

The Depression Miracle

The seven keys to shattering the chains

of anxiety, depression, and the unfulfilled life

"Greg is a very passionate and persuasive speaker, and story teller. My life was inspired by his message. His ability to move an audience is remarkable." - LT

"My heart agreed with what you were saying. I actually came to a couple of meaningful realizations about myself during your presentation, which has never happened before during a presentation like this. Wow! Amazing! - JO

"Powerful and very touching. I saw a lot of myself in you. Your approach and delivery spoke clearly to me." KM