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In the international best seller "The Depression Miracle," you will learn how to discover an inner strength you never knew you had. You will begin to see life as a classroom in which the challenges we are given from God and the Universe are to help us learn and grow, not fear life. You will learn to know, trust, and love the real you your inner self, your inner being. Most importantly, you will be taught Seven Essential Keys to shatter the chains of depression, anxiety, and unhappiness that hold you bound in your life.


The greatest help I got in my fight through mental health was listening to people who knew what it was like to go through it. I have been there, done that, and beat it. If today is the day you want to start changing your life and find success, this book is the key. - Greg Thredgold


My Book - What People Are Saying!

I am just finishing this wonderful book! It is a great work that is not only mind expanding, but also spiritually enlightening, clearly authored and very up lifting. Works of this nature can be difficult - to say the least for an author; however, Greg Thredgold has skillfully adapted his Seven Essential Keys to shatter depression to all readers. When any reader applies these seven keys, they will unleash their full potential and bring themselves the happiness and fulfillment they are seeking. I highly recommend this "workbook" as a vital addition to anyone's library. 
- The Branch Ranch

"I loved the way the author, Greg Thredgold, weaved the the principles he was teaching--or keys, as he terms them--one into another. With a self-help book, the biggest mistake I typically see is that authors tend to segment their points too rigidly, as if they are separate boxes. The problem with that is that the reader then has a tough time understanding the concept as a whole instead of as a variety of concepts. When that happens, the reader usually only takes away one or two of the sub-concepts rather than the message as a whole. Thredgold does a great job of making sure that we understand all the principles. Very well done here!
Also, the book does a great job of establishing a clear foundation. I loved the quote from Mark Twain about the two best days in life--the day you were born and the day you find out why. The best part about this is that the book builds on this foundation while reminding the reader of his or her purpose. That is key and it really centered the book. It also kept bringing me back to the why. The author also does a great job of integrating activities for the reader to do throughout the book. I liked that there were enough for the reader to gain something from, but that you didn't feel like you had to do an activity in every single chapter. That would have been forced and I could tell that the activities were natural parts of the 7 keys. For example, writing down one's goals. I also liked how Thredgold reminded the reader to do that, as well. Most important, he does a great job of making the reader feel like he is right there with us--every step of the way--as we walk our difficult journey through the difficulties of life. Well done, sir!"

- Amazon Customer

"This is a book filled with insight from deeply personal experiences shared by the author. When the author states he has 4 numbers that stand out - 45 - 17 - 4 and 1, you pay attention. The reader will soon understand how desperate the author's situation was. He shares how he tried 45 different medications, 17 treatment providers, 4 hospitalizations - and how it took ONE MIRACLE to a changed life. Greg eloquently explains the steps to his depression miracle showing that "storms will come, but every time you beat one, you become stronger." If you are dealing with depression or anxiety, this book is definitely for you, but even if you are struggling in other areas, these steps and principles can apply. As Greg says in his book, if you don't believe in miracles, maybe you have forgotten you are one! This is a must read for everyone who needs a miracle in their life - and I can't think of anyone who doesn't need at least one!"
- Sandra
The author has experienced true tragedy and struggled with depression and beat it. His story is remarkable and inspiring, I have recommended it to my wife and family to read. Anyone wanting guidance on dealing with these issues in their own life or someone close to them would benefit by reading this book.

- Richard Riding